Special Thank You to our Supporters

Thank You 2

*+-We would like to thank everyone who has shared and/or contributed to help make our crowdfunding campaign SUCCESSFUL. Although we didn’t raise the needed funds(which btw we were prepared for because it was our first crowdfunding campaign!) the campaign allowed us to gain more exposure and allowed us to align…

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Roundtable Panel Discussion | Free Alabama Movement Blogtalkradio Part 3&4

Roundtable Panel Discussion Image

*+-Listen in to the “ROUNDTABLE PANEL DISCUSSION” blogtalk radio special with INCARCERATED authors Melvin Ray, founder of the FREE ALABAMA MOVEMENT and documentary series, Ivan Kilgore, Chairman of the United Black Family Scholarship Foundation and author of Domestic Genocide: The Institutionalization of Society, film maker Levon Hinton, president of Vandem…

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