Iraq War, Air Force Veteran Anthony Hill killed by Dekalb Police Officer

Air Force Veteran Anthony Hill killed by Dekalb Police Officer

Dekalb County, Georgia – 27-year-old Iraq War Air Force Veteran Anthony Hill, was fatally shot by police on Monday. Hill served in the Middle East as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. He also attended the University of South Carolina. Beloved by his family and friends, he was killed on Monday by Robert Olsen a seven year veteran of the Dekalb Police. Hill was NAKED and UNARMED. On Monday a 911 caller reported that a man was acting “deranged, knocking on doors and crawling around on the ground, naked,”
What happened next? You’ve guessed it Robert Olsen of the Dekalb Police,  pulled up, shot and killed Iraq War, Air Force Veteran Anthony Hill.

“He was a calm, friendly person,” said Julio Hernandez, 54, a groundskeeper at the apartment complex with Mr. Hill. “To me, this was police abuse, because what can a naked person do?”

cops kill naked veteran
This is the apartment complex in northeast Atlanta where Air Force Veteran, Anthony Hill, 27, was fatally shot Monday night by a DeKalb County police officer. Photo Credit: Ben Gray/Atlanta Journal Constitution

Within a 5 day time frame police have killed 3 UNARMED Black males. The shooting of Anthony Hill is the third police killing of an unarmed black man in the last five days, following shootings in Aurora, Colo., and Madison, Wis.
The normal response that ‘he reached for my gun’ or ‘he had what appeared to be a weapon’ can’t be used here because Air Force Veteran, Anthony Hill was NAKED and UNARMED when police arrived.
How can a NAKED, UNARMED person make another person fear for their life to the use of deadly force?
Hill, a native of South Carolina, was a talented musician that went by the name of #Antlanta.

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  1. This is a shame,disgrace and a continued “conspiracy” against Black People everywhere,even against Black Men and women “Veterans” as well.And nothing is being done about it.I think it’s time as a people,we go in “DEFENSE MODE” first mentally,and accept the reality, that the element of “racial hatred” continues to be the driving force against us here.Theres no other reason,just look at it’s 400+ year old history here.And,as for those that don’t believe in God,and, that there is a “demonic element” (racial hatred)that has control in a larger population of “White/caucasion), People, I’d like to say to you,theres is “TOO MUCH EVIDENCE” , not to deny this “TRUTH”.How many white people have you seen that were choked to death by a person in uniform,on “VIDEO” ,especially when it shouldn’t have happen.???Give me at least “1 intelligent” reason, why a police officer had to shoot a mentally ill “NUDE/UNARMED” man ,from a distance???????What driving force would make someone kill that person,and go home and sleep at night,loke nothing happen ??When you figure that out,let me know. I believe ,that our Black people,should not go into the military at this point.But,if you choose to ,they should be “EXEMPT”, from going to War to kill other “people of color,” anywhere,period.Until, we are are “TRULY FREE” of Racism here at home first,We can’t free anyone,until we are free ourselves first.Let “God and History, “(not “his-story”), be your witness of the truth, forever………..Thinker_1…………….


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