SLPOA’s Jeff Roorda almost incites a RIOT at Stl City Hall Meeting (Video) #JeffRoorda #Ferguson


Jeff Roorda, executive director of the St. Louis Police Officers Association and Democratic State Representative almost incited a riot at St Louis’ City Hall Meeting. Jeff Roorda attended the meeting on a proposed civilian oversight review board wearing a I support #DarrenWilson bracelet. When things got heated he then shoved a protestor almost inciting a riot. Most states have laws against citizens attempting to incite a riot. These laws in most states are misdemeanors or in some cases felonies. However for the SLPOA’s executive director and State Representative the laws don’t apply. Before you watch this video understand that if any citizen or subject would’ve attempted the same act they would’ve been jailed/charged and more than likely imprisoned. In the video Jeff Roorda is seen shoving a woman that was trying to leave. Again if any citizen or subject of a state assaults another person that’s considered a criminal act. #FoodForThought #Ferguson #JeffRoorda #STL #SLPOA #SLMPD
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