Victims of Misfortune: School to Prison Pipeline

*+-The major problem affecting schools nationwide: The School to Prison Pipeline. Too many times, students are suspended or expelled and in most instances arrested for minor offenses. Statistics proves that African and Latino students are targeted at a higher rate than white students. Schools mirror society and in our society…

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Incarceration Is A Business


*+-Incarceration Is a Business In the U.S., incarceration is not only a business, but “Big Business”. Annually, America spends $68 billion and growing on the detention of humans in local, state and federal correction/detention centers. This figure doesn’t include the money private businesses are making off those people incarcerated and…

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Slavery With A Loophole


*+-For centuries in America, the West Indies and Europe – just to name a few places – indentured servitude, involuntary servitude and chattel slavery was big business.  There are a lot of businesses, corporations, municipalities and families that made a fortune off the enslavement of other humans. The global slave…

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