Behind the Scenes (Video) | Dr. Divine Pryor

Dr Divine Pryor Behind the scenes image

*+-Brooklyn, New York – This is behind the scenes of the documentary film: “Victims of Misfortune: Changing the Pecking Order”. This documentary interview was conducted in Brooklyn, New York. We interviewed Dr. Divine Pryor. Dr. Divine Pryor is the executive director of the Center for NuLeadership on Urban Solutions, an…

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Black Codes: Post Civil Rights Movement

Black Codes Post Image

*+-At the end of America’s “Civil War”, the 13th amendment was signed into law abolishing slavery in America, except as punishment of a crime.  During this time, “emancipation proclamation” was a global matter in majority of the nations that participated in the enslavement of African people.  Kidnapped Africans forced into…

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Inhumane Aggression in American Society

Inhumane Agression ReEdit Image

*+-The United States incarcerates more of its citizens than any other nation in the world.  Once a person has been convicted of a crime he/she will be discriminated against “legally” for employment, housing, education, and government benefits.  In America, the “face of crime” is African and Latino males, while the…

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We Can Speak for Ourselves

*+-Have you ever been to a restaurant, and as soon as you were seated your waiter/waitress put a plate of food in front of you without you ordering?  How did he/she know what you wanted without asking you first? In America, there have been some creations of “artificial movements”.  These…

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