Black Codes: Post Civil Rights Movement

Black Codes Post Image

*+-At the end of America’s “Civil War”, the 13th amendment was signed into law abolishing slavery in America, except as punishment of a crime.  During this time, “emancipation proclamation” was a global matter in majority of the nations that participated in the enslavement of African people.  Kidnapped Africans forced into…

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Breaking The Chains

Breaking chain

*+-In order to break the economic, social and psychological chains, people must first educate themselves.  In America’s poor communities, African and Latino Americans are being incarcerated in large numbers.  Once these people receive a criminal conviction on their records, they are legally discriminated against.  Whether they’re applying for employment, housing,…

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We Can Speak for Ourselves

*+-Have you ever been to a restaurant, and as soon as you were seated your waiter/waitress put a plate of food in front of you without you ordering?  How did he/she know what you wanted without asking you first? In America, there have been some creations of “artificial movements”.  These…

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Rehabilitation: Fact or Myth

*+-In the State of North Carolina there are 30,000+ people assigned to the Department of Corrections.  The majority are guilty of crimes ranging from misdemeanors to felonies.  Some may not be guilty but are victims of a corrupt judicial system.  The big question: Are people being rehabilitated to return and…

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