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Indiegogo Campaign Video | Contribute to the Film Today

Our production team has just released a crowdfunding campaign on The purpose behind the campaign is to raise funds to complete the production phase of the documentary film: “Victims of Misfortune: Changing the Pecking Order”.

We currently need to raise $7,500.00 to complete the production phase. We’ve made a conscious decision to seek funding from the public. So far, we’ve funded every aspect of this documentary out of our own pockets with no support from grants, sponsors or financial backers. Since this is a national social issue, we’re going to various cities around the nation and conducting interviews with Psychologists, Historians, Economists, Educators, Criminologists, Activists, Authors, Re-Entry Experts and more.

So far we’ve put in countless hours researching, investigating, planning and filming. Now we need your help to finish the production phase. By supporting this campaign you will be supporting one of the most important parts of the film, the production. Pledge any amount from $10 to $4,500 and receive perks for your support.

If you are unable to support financially to this campaign, you still can play a key role by sharing this campaign on your social media networks, and blogs. With all of us working together, we can make this campaign successful.

We trust you will join us.

Levon Hinton

Director of Victims of Misfortune

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