Dr. Umar Johnson | Behind the Scenes Footage (Video)

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Philadelphia, PA – Dr. Umar Abdullah-Johnson is a Certified School Psychologist who practices privately throughout Pennsylvania and lectures throughout the country. He is also the author of the book entitled: “Psycho – Academic Holocaust: The Special Education and ADHD Wars Against Black Boys”.
Dr. Umar Johnson is also a blood relative of Frederick Douglas the great Black abolitionist and orator.
This is behind the scenes of the documentary film: “Victims of Misfortune: Changing the Pecking Order”. Victims of Misfortune is a social change documentary that will give a historical and current look at America’s criminal justice system and the discriminatory policies that people with a criminal background face, post conviction/release.
Visit Dr. Umar online at http://www.drumarjohnson.com/
Dr. Umar Johnson is also featured in the documentary Hidden Colors 2.
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Video Production by: Vandem Productions Films
Music by: AblazeDaArchitek
Videographer: Levon Hinton

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